Michele Kief

Throughout her decades-long career as a financial advisor, Michele Kief has helped thousands of clients make the best possible long-term financial decisions at the same time she helps them live the best possible life they can at the same time they put money away for the future. She believes it is possible for people to have a great time now and to also achieve their financial goals. As part of what she thinks of as a holistic wealth management process, Michele Kief offers a wide array of services to all clients. Not only can Michele find specific investments that meet each client’s needs for now, she can also help them build a solid retirement plan.

Michele Kief provides her clients with support and advice through an elaborate investment planning process and the support network she has built up. These support services are the envy of her industry a network of highly valued experts. In getting her clients to live for now, even as they plan for the future, Michele Kief, who is an avid traveler when she’s not helping others plan for the future, likes to assist her clients with their travel plans by sharing her knowledge about that, too.