Michele KiefAs a function of her investment practice, Michele Kief offers a wide array of services. In part because she has developed what she considers to be a holistic wealth management process, she has the ability to help any client select individual investments that meet your needs and she can also help you build a solid retirement plan. Because she has access to so many resources, including research analysts and economic and market experts, it is possible for Michele Kief to make the best possible and most informed investment decisions on any client’s behalf, including many that meet their own personal, individual needs.

Michele Kief is licensed and certified as a financial adviser, and she demonstrates a strong passion for helping each one of her clients meet their financial needs now, at the same time she helps them build a strong financial future. One interesting element of Michele Kief’s practice comes from her interest as an avid traveler. She truly enjoys showing people how they can take great vacations and save money, which they can then invest for the future.

One tip Michele Kief has for saving money is to use one of the many sharing economy websites available to save money on everything when you travel. Times have changed; years ago, to save money on travel meant doing everything months in advance. That has changed, however, and it is now virtually always possible to find something that interests you at a price that won’t break the bank, even if you decide to travel at the last minute. Take Airbnb, for example. That site has millions of listings in nearly every major tourist destination around the world, which may be more interesting than staying in a hotel, and may also be less expensive.