Michele Kief

The fact that Michele Kief is an avid traveler has so far made her primary career as a financial advisor something special. Most financial specialists can show clients how to save for their retirement, but she takes a more holistic approach, in which she is able to show clients how to create memories and live for the moment and to do so on a budget, so they can put the savings into investments to build a strong future. She uses her experiences to show clients how to travel on the cheap.

For example, one trick she likes to show travelers is how to use services that allow travelers to work their way through a vacation, such as the very popular World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, better known as WWOOF. This organization arranges for travelers to earn room and board in return for for work on a farm. Of course, many won’t want to work on a farm, and there are quite a few hospitality networks who will put up travelers of all ages for free. The best part of this kind of trip is, you often get to meet more locals and learn what it’s like to live in that location, which is something you will not get to experience in a hotel.

In addition to putting money away for the future, Michele Kief wants you to travel and have a great life. Michele Kief can help you select individual investments that meet your needs and she can also help build a solid retirement plan. With access to a wide variety of resources, she can make informed investment decisions on your behalf that meet your own personal needs.